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Tom Badguy
“Eh, I'm nobody.”

Charley McMullen @CharleyMcMullen
Charley is a cartoonist/comedian/filmmaker who has enjoyed great success in each of his chosen fields, yet he can barely feed himself. In addition to his assorted contributions to, his films and comic strips can be found at the Issac's Glue Productions page featured on Geek Juice Media.
The Works of Charley McMullen

Adam Scorpius Jones | Twitter: @scorpiusjones | YouTube
Fighting game enthusiast, rapper, musician; hey, he's a funny guy. He also mixed the Intro/Outro beats to the show!

Garrett Waller | Twitter: @FeartheGareBear
Stand up comedian, gamer and lover of giraffes and the Vikings.

Miles Standish | Twitter: @AshPlissken
Another one of our friends, he is interested in making movies and is a fellow comic book fan.

Jesse Davis | Twitter: @sivadhunter

James De Santos | Twitter: @TheBigGuyIsIn
Who the fuck knows about this guy?! ....except for the fact that he is a Lions fan.

Frank Davis | Twitter: @NumbRenditions
Long time friend, likes old schools games, SciFi novels/movies, and is a die hard Broncos fan.

One of our best friends. Big time gamer, guitarist; would like nothing better than to live in a post apocalyptic era.

Nate | Twitter: @kurodensetsu
Also known as "Kuro" on the VTW Forums has been a good friend of ours for over 10 years. He's an IT guy and always lets Tom know what to do with his PC.

Another friend to us on TORT, Darin has the job of taking Miles to and from work. He is really into Image comics and cars.