No Excuses

No Excuses is a weekly show about gaming, anime and general geekiness with hosts from around the world. From new releases and the big hits to controversy and and publisher wrongdoings, triple A to indie. Join Aristile, Vaulisel and Fernurion as they tackle the biggest news and issues in gaming, drift down the river of nostalgia and argue about stupid stuff. Tune in live at 9pm EST on Saturday nights.

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Facebook: No Excuses
Tweeter!: @noexcusesvtw
Steam Group: No Excuses VtW
Show Hosts: Aristile, Fernurion, Vaulisel

What are we about? We're a general gaming news and satire show hosted by your favorite VtW community members!

Live Preshow: 1:30a.m. on Sunday mornings / Saturday nights until time of recording ON VTW VENTRILO. (With luna's recent demise this could be awhile before it returns)
Official Show time: 9:00P.M. EST Thursday