Sunday, February 9, 2020


Welcome to Episode#85.     #17 Bringing Up Baby (Howard Hawks, 1938)

Summary: Dr. David Huxley has two reasons to be excited. He is about to be married and the final piece to a brontosaurus, the showpiece to his museum exhibit, will soon be in his possession. Furthermore, if he plays his cards right, a wealthy donor will donate $1 million to his museum, to aid his palaeontological collection. Unfortunately, he meets Susan, a woman who seems destined to unintentionally destroy his life. Huxley soon finds himself playing nursemaid to Baby, her leopard.

 Join Keefe, Paxton and Chris while we jump into this fast pace comedy from the black and white era where it was ok to steal cars, as long as you look good and talk fast while doing it.   Well, at least we know that is one profession we can't pull off.

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