Friday, November 15, 2019

No Excuses Episode #399 and Rantathon

Hey everyone.
Me likey the Discord

First things first, Here is episode #399 for your viewing pleasure.

And now for the announcements

There will be no episode of No Excuses airing this coming weekend (November 16/17) as we are preparing for episode 400 and doing something we haven't done in a while

Yep It's Rantathon time again. Join us at 6pm EST Saturday November 23 (9am AEST, 11pm GMT Sunday 24) For non stop nonsense, video games and all the rants and tangents we can muster. The Show will run for as long as fatigue and semi-sobriety will allow. As always you can send your emails for or join us in real time by clicking the show logo on this post and joining our discord.

See you there. 400, woo!

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