Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Welcome to episode#66.     #33 Anchorman (Adam McKay, 2004)

 Summary: San Diego, 1970s. Ron Burgundy is an anchorman at a local TV news station. He is very popular and a local celebrity. His news segment is Number 1 across all demographics and things are going incredibly well. However, his news team is entirely male and resembles a boys club. In the interests of diversity the station brings in a female reporter, Veronica Corningstone. While the remainder of the team are appalled at the decision, Ron is torn between a similar misogynism and his attraction to her. Initially Ron and Veronica do well, and an intimate relationship forms. However, an event splits them apart, resulting in a bitter feud between the two.

 Join Keefe, Andrew V. and Chris as we put on our best mustaches and bring the news straight to you with all the zest and facts that we can.  Or we end up in a ally fighting all the other podcasting communities.....Gotta watch out for them MLP podcasters...they are brutal.

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