Monday, May 13, 2019

Indeed_Movies_#47_Animal House

Welcome to episode#56 and yet another American Classic which set the view of all American Colleges ...…..#47 Animal House (John Landis, 1978)

Summary: Faber College has one frat house so disreputable it will take anyone. It has a second one full of white, anglo-saxon, rich young men who are so sanctimonious no one can stand them except Dean Wormer. The dean enlists the help of the second frat to get the boys of Delta House off campus. The dean's plan comes into play just before the homecoming parade to end all parades for all time. 

Keefe and Chris go back to College.......ah..yeah sure, lets go with that.   Granted we can say college was a wild and crazy place, we never got this bad...expect this one time in Mr Beckmans class...... 

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