Saturday, September 22, 2018

Indeed Movies_#68_Ninotchka

Welcome to episode #35 - in at the spot of 68 Ninotchka (Ernst Lubitsch, 1939) Summary: Three Russian officials arrive in 1930s Paris to sell the jewels that were once the property of the Grand Duchess Swana. The Duchess wants to reclaim her property and her playboy friend, Leon, manages to stop the sale at least temporarily. With the time dragging on, a new no-nonsense Russian envoy, Ninotchka, arrives to take over the negotiations. She chastises her three colleagues for their obvious enjoyment of capitalistic society but soon finds herself charmed by Leon, at first not realizing he is involved with the jewels. They fall in love but it's unclear if there is any chance of their relationship ever becoming permanent. Leon sets out to ensure they do.

 Join Keefe, Chris, the Ghost of Paxton when we look at the what the world could have been for 1939, and how well Lubitsch got it right.   Jewels, spies and the love for Capitalism.  Awww a romance story indeed.

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