Thursday, July 5, 2018

Indeed_Movies_#73_The Nutty Professor

Welcome to episode #30- #73 The Nutty Professor (1963) directed by Jerry Lewis

  Summary: Nerd. Milquetoast. Klutz. These are just three of the many undesirable words that can be used to describe Professor Julius Kelp. But all that changes when the chemistry expert invents a potion that transforms him into a suave, sexy chick magnet, whom Julius aptly names Buddy Love. Unfortunately, there's one side effect: Buddy can't control when he'll change back into Julius, an event that always happens at inopportune times. How will Julius/Buddy resolve his Jekyll-and-Hyde dilemma?

  Keefe, Chris and Paxton look back at a well establish classic in the wold of comedy.   Even a remake can;t pull away the foundation of the original.  Now if only we can control Keefe's inner Buddy Love......

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