Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Indeed_Movies_#77_Divorce Italian Style

Welcome to episode #26- #77 Divorce Italian Style (1961) directed by Pietro Germi
  Summary: Ferdinando Cefalù is desperate to marry his cousin, Angela, but he is married to Rosalia and divorce is illegal in Italy. To get around the law, he tries to trick his wife into having an affair so he can catch her and murder her, as he knows he would be given a light sentence for killing an adulterous woman. He persuades a painter to lure his wife into an affair, but Rosalia proves to be more faithful than he expected.

  Keefe and Chris  as we look at a journey of a man who dreams a change...but at a cost he may not want to pay for......wait  he is totally willing to pay the price. Ah..  the device of divorce.

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