Tuesday, April 3, 2018

No Excuses Episodes 317 & 318

Smells like Discord

No Excuses Episode 317

This week, techsplosion! The guys rant about the genre of Isekai in anime and how stagnant is has become. Plus more shenanigans in Monster Hunter World since that game is eating out lives.

This weeks game is Cities Skylines

Due to a massive tech hiccup, Youtube seems to have eaten the back half of this episode. We'll figure out why and beat it with a stick til it stops.

No Excuses Episode 318

This week, More Monster Hunter. We promise we'll stop talking about it. eventually. The guys lament the incoming April fools day and how it fills the news sites with junk and lies. Fern laments the minimalist effort in Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition, Vaul continues to die slowly and Ari returns to inside-out Tokyo.

This week's game is Valhalla Hills

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