Friday, April 27, 2018

No Excuses Catchup

Sorry for the late post on these folks. My computer is currently an undead abomination.


No Excuses Episode #319

This week, Rubbish! Squeenixz announces a pile of new DLC for Final Fantasy XV for some reason, Riot tries to please the unpleasable  and Spyro is back kinda sorta. Also Ari gets lost in a cave, Fern ponders the structure of necks and Vaul falls foul of the Gatcha.

This weeks games are Dungeons III and Bridge Constructor: Portal.

No Excuses Episode #320

This week, death. Blazblue Cross Tag etc. is getting a collectors edition, that comes in a BOX!!!! A pile of new content is announced for Gwent and Sony is closing servers for some old games. Also Ari Stares at stars, Vaul gets squished by a dragon and Fern's computer dies a horrible, horrible death.

This Week's game is Slime Rancher

No Excuses Episode #321

This Week: Duct Tape! EA promises to mend their evil ways, nobody believes them. Another studio leaps off the E3 platform, Night trap is getting a re-release for some reason and a studio rages at YouTube influencers. Plus Vaul visits Fuyuki, Fern practices necromancy and Ari prepares for the ick.

This weeks game is Factorio

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