Thursday, March 1, 2018


Welcome to episode #13 - #90 A New Leaf (1971) with Walter Matthau and Elaine May
  Summary: This dark and funny comedy about marriage, murder, and money. May  stars as Henrietta, a shy and clumsy wallflower, who is also heir to a large pile of money. Indigent playboy Graham (Walter Matthau), who has squandered his inherited trust fund and needs to get a new source of money, begins to ply his affections upon Henrietta. When his butler (George Rose) recommends that Graham should marry Henrietta and gain control of her funds, Graham borrows money from his miserable uncle (James Coco) and wines and dines Henrietta. Graham's dastardly plan is to marry Henrietta, take her off on a trip to the mountains, and murder her. Graham can then return from her funeral and inherit his wealth. But thrown into his path toward the perfect murder are a collection of Henrietta's loyal -- and not so loyal -- retainers and the small dim light of Graham's own conscience.

  Keefe, Chris and Paxton presents you this classic film for both Matthau and May as they present their story of Love and understanding....who are we kidding.   Matthau is a spoiled jerk....but we like him anyways.

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