Friday, December 1, 2017

No Excuses Catchup Explosion

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No Excuses Episode #303 - Bliz-scorn

This week, Preening! It's Blizcon time again, which means announcements for stuff! Blizzard unveils their new expansion, along with a surprise announcement in the for m of classic servers.  An amateur news outlet gets dragged over the coals for trying to be professional and a tweet that should not exist.

No Excuses Episode #304 - Fish

This week, confusion! The next game from Niantic has been announced, so put on your robe and wizard hat. Rumors of Overwatch hitting the big screen and an incredibly shiny sequel to Lineage. Plus an utterly bizarre game about fish and turning Playstation achievements into currency.

No Excuses Episode #305 -  The Shwartz be With You

This week, Hoo boy. EA  and Star Wars Battlefront. I can't think of anything witty to say here since that is becoming a punchline on its own. A surprise expansion for titan Quest, new characters for Blazblue Cross Boogaloo and murmurs about the next Danganrompa game

No Excuses Episode #306 - Gamblebox

This week, Governments and regulatory bodies around the world are looking at the lootbox problem, with all sorts of results. A shiny new version of Neverwinter Nights has been announced and Blizzard celebrates themselves with the next Overwatch map. Plus a bonus bit from Vaul talking about the newest Type:Moon cinematic offering.

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