Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Show X - Partial Catch Up

Hey everyone, I know that I am still quite behind in posting the audio for the last month of shows, but here are some more. Feel free to watch the videos at the versustheworldvideo channel on YouTube.

Show X - Episode 307 - A Summertime Gamefest - 2017-08-20
GAMEFEST everyone. Unfortunately Wayne is toooo damn hot on the mic this week, but things are made up for by being joined by Tabaxion live in house as well as guests Zenko, Akko, and Hide.
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Show X - Episode 306 - Freaking Guns and Roses - 2017-08-06
Wayne is solo this week. He talks more cosplay, Zelda, laser cutting and Voltron. His family came to visit. There was an epic concert, and Wayne has a new cosplay page, Predictably Ham.
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Show Notes:

Show X - Episode 305 - When Lightning Strikes - 2017-07-30
Ken booked a flight to Geneva
Wayne tries to recover from a lightning strike.
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