Sunday, October 29, 2017

No Excuses 300, 301 and Anime

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No Excuses Episode #300 - Six Years

week, Anniversary! to celebrate six years of No Excuses, here's a regular episode. EA devours yet another developer, Capcom continues to underwhelm while Arcsys eats their lunch and the baftas introduce an award for maximum pretentiousness.

No Excuses Special 20 - Vaul's Anime Reviews

It's that time again, a new season of anime is apon us! Join Vaulisel as her delves into a world of madness, filled with talking motorcycles, resting bitch face, free roaming boy bands, totally not Naruto and many more.

No Excuses Episode #301 - Twitching

This week, Science! The guys play around with Twitch streaming with some success. Another polygon reviewer makes an idiot of themselves, Dragon Ball Fighterz will come in a box and Steam allows for the laziest gift ever. 

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