Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Loads of No Excuses

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Sorry for the delay folks. Here's a big pile of episode backlog for your enjoyment.

No Excuses Episode # 293 - Illidan's Boyhood Dramas

This week, confusion! Disturbing rubber faces abound as Star Citizen announces yet another cool but pointless feature, while Nintendo still doesn't get internal storage. Also Air beats up Santa Clause, Fern enters the world of pointless explosions and Vaul spins the moral compass.

No Excuses Episode #294 - Fnar

 This week, Snobbery! A rumored remaster of Okami gets the guy's hopes up, while MVCI leaves everyone cold. A new survival game by ex Wow devs is met which skepticism as is the Soulslike "genre" as a whole. Also, Fnar.  

No Excuses Episode #295 - Blackout

This week, sleepover! Doom on the switch is missing bits that don't fit on Nintendo's console, while Microsoft admits their windows 10 gaming support is rubbish. Also Fern gazes into the Abyss, Vaul gets stuck into the Ur-JRPG and Ari regales us with tales and consumed media from the site of a massive hurricane,

No Excuses Episode #296 - Combos and Ham

This week, Exploding! TGS happened and bombarded us with a load of new games and info. The guys look at many new PS4's new Dynasty warriors, Monster Hunter world, V stuff and whatever the heck that Spike-Chunsoft thing is. Plus the adventures of 90's McDouchebag, an anime delve and reluctant hands on MVCI.
Sorry about the tech issues on this one folks

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