Thursday, August 31, 2017

No Excuses Catch up

The Discord of your Heart

No Excuses Episode #290 - Pocket Philosophy

This week, Pain. Final Fantasy XIV passes a major milestone in subscriptions, while Capcom covers their arse. Ari undertakes the unenviable task of discovering why people like Dark Souls, Fern delves into the meat of Persona 5 and Vaul despairs at the new mechanics in WoWs upcoming patch.

No Excuses Episode #291 - The Quest for Dumplings

This week, SKYYYYYYYPE!!! It's a week of good/bad ideas. Work begins on a TV series based on The Secret World, produced by Jack Sparrow. EA leaves Andromeda out in the cold where it belongs and Dark Souls, the Card Game. Ari Plays with some reindeer, Vaul watches some anime and Fern explores improved mediocrity.

No Excuses Episode #292 - Nostalgia Dive

This week, Sanic! Old stuff is back, though we have to wonder why. Squeenix announces a HD remake of Secret of Mana, Microsoft trots out Age of Empires and THQ summons the eldritch horror Bub-see B'obkat. Also Fern is 8 years old again, Ari is still stuck in Dark Souls land and Vaul discusses planet babies.

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