Wednesday, July 26, 2017

No Excuses Episode 286 & 287

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No Excuses Episode #286 - The Dark Souls of Podcasts

This week, triggered! Blizzard sets out their newest idea for an esport, competitive 5-man content. Try not to snore too loud. A random discussion on the controlled chaos of MMO economies and the difficulties of fixing them. you to be a beach hermit and a rant on the dumbest term in the industry.

No Excuses Special 19 - Vaul's Anime Reviews

Another season, another set of anime! Vaul dives into the Summer 207 season, encountering stylish neat freaks, excessive man-flesh, traumatized children, wacky dreamscapes and nauseating tweeness. Oh, and Fate Apocrypha.

No Excuses Episode # 287 - Meltdown

This week, they dun goofed! Niantic makes a goof that brings Chicago's cellular network to it's knees while annoying pokemon go players worldwide. Evo Comes to an end with Atlus eating everyone's lunch, and  tentative first impressions on Secret World Legends

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