Saturday, July 29, 2017

Indeed Podcast #183 -Disney_Spiderman_CAH_OHMY

Welcome back to another Indeed Podcast.  Sorry for the long delay, but with summer in full swing...lives are too.  But today we have Chris, Keefe, Kerry and Matt the Comic Book guy here to bring you some very crazy news.   Weekly Round-up we look at  an app designed to help with math problems only to be used as a cheating took...who would have figured?   Then we check out a Umbrella sharing service in China....that ain't doing so good.  Finally Cards against Disney....that can;t be all that bad....OMG....NOOOO    Movie Time we all get our SPOILER FREE review of the new Spiderman Homecomming.

  Sit back, Relax and don't get stuck in that web.  You may know the answer to the question, but it's the dirty work on solving it what is half the I is not.

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