Thursday, June 22, 2017

No Excuses Eps 281 & 282

Thar be Discords

No Excuses Episode #281 - Dragony Things

This week, Pre-E3! Some stuff is getting out early, for better and for worse. The new MvC game is leaving potential players disappointed, the proposed Magic MMO finds a developer and Steam Greenlight suffers a timely death. Plus Fern joins the Phantom Thieves, Vaul fights a dragon and Ari rages at his coworkers

No Excuses Episode 3282 - Extraneous Ego Ensemble

This week, Snore. E3 is back again for another year and another round of cringe, hype and disappointment. Includes such stars as the shambling corporate shoggoth, the overwhelmingly smug and completely unnecessary console, the worlds most embarrassing theme park and loads more. Be warned, this show is a long one.

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