Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Indeed Podcast #181 - Google_Deer_Food_Monopoly

Welcome to another Indeed Podcast.  Where we are ready to tackle International Tabletop Game Day.  Yes Sirreeeee.   On Weekly Roundup we look at some of the wonderful games we have been playing.  From Pandemic to Mixin' Sixes as well as a soon to be released game.   Good to know some of them gaming folk at the top.   But we do slip in one story about how some folk want Google to be looked at as an Monopoly.  Well, I guess they just need to buy them out.   Or be deleted off of Google maps.  Creepy or Cool finds that Bambi is ready to take us out.  one dead body at a time.

Sit Back, Relax and don't worry.  The zombies are the last of your worries.  Bambi is hungry and you are on the menu.  With a side of nice chilled greens.

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