Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Indeed Post-it : Mid Game Adventure

Happy Humpday everyone.  Wow, 2017 is going by fast.  But isn’t that just the way of life?   The other day I was playing Skyrim, and as such a high level I was able to go where I wanted to go.   I have not completed the game on this toon, but I can enjoy side quest, exploring and just doing whatever without worry.   It’s at that point of a game where you can truly enjoy everything around you.   Where the main goal is still ahead, but you can honestly look around you and say, “Hey…I want to go over here”  Then do it.   Suddenly I understand how it has become such a reflection of my life right now.   A point where I know the end is down the line, but the overwhelming stress of my life goals seem to become less to my “right now” desire.   I am at my mid game point in life.
This past weekend I was able to enjoy some amazing time with one of my Sisters and one of my Brothers.  We were able to head to the beach where we sat all day on the sands and did much of nothing.   It was glorious.  Granted, of all the places in the world, the beach is by far the most relaxing and wondrous for me.  Just like some of the games I play.  You get to a point where most of the things you need to achieve have been completed and now you have the ability to go where you want to go.   Myself and my sister are at the point on our lives where we worked hard for what we have now.  Home, Car, Kids raised to be on their own and we can truly go on a trip at the drop of a pen if we choose to.  We don’t have to talk to the kids about it, or anyone else infact.  The investment to this point has allowed such actions to be taken.  Skyrim is a good example of this.   You get to the point where you are not always worried what comes after you.   Needing to find the funds to do something, get something, or help someone out seem to be easier to do.   In game, when a Dragon lands nearby…you can go charging in shouting, “I Got This”  and really mean it.  It’s a very wonderful part of the game, and even more so in life.  It’s that epiphany moment where you know you have done well, and your rewards are near.  It’s a pretty amazing thing to understand and feel.  A lot of work goes into the game we play in real life, and to have the ability to take a moment to enjoy what we have around us is Epic.   So few get to have that ability.  I just happen to have it.

This weekend my feet were in the sand, eyes to the waves and breeze surrounding me.  I look upon the goal that I have set out for.  Knowing full well one day I will achieve it.  But today is sit.  I enjoy the foundation I built.  With Friends on the mind and family on my side.   I know I have won.  My journey is not over nor has it just begun.  It is ongoing and today I was able to share it with some of those I love.  Tomorrow….well…that's tomorrow…..

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