Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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 No Excuses Episode #273 - Death has a Cold

This week, Karma! A swatting has finally gone too far, and the perpetrator is facing the full weight of the law. Microsoft gains credit by copying Valve and implements and auto refund system. Also Fern builds a space empire, Vaul gets buried in tokens and Ari's cat keeps telling him to go to bed.

No Excuses Episode #274 - Fabulous Invasion

This week, more rumors! Atlus registers a bunch of persona related domain names leading fans to speculate on possible spinoff games, both awesome and extremely stupid. Nintendo might be making a SNES mini to not sell to people and the tangents become very real. Also Ari goes back for another lap, Fern plays Telltale's latest offering and Vaul is traumatized by terrible anime.

No Excuses Special #18 Vaul's Anime Reviews

Spring is here, so for the first time in a while here comes a big pile of anime reviews! join Vaul as he takes a look at the offerings for spring 2017, including extremely skeevy children, grumpy furries, mysterious bureaucrat eating cubes from nowhere, porn without porn and many more

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