Thursday, March 23, 2017

No Excuses Pile O' Stuff

No Excuses Episode #267 - Junk Sold Separately

This week, extra value! Bioware's glassy-eyed mannequin simulator is selling a collectors edition without a game. An arbitrary awards show give out meaningless awards that we disagree with, and the Switch arrives in a hail of hardware complaints. Plus Fern will finally be getting decent internet sometime eventually, Ari forgets his own creations and Vaul catches up on on Monty Oum's Opus.

- Due to legal concerns, a part of this episode has been cut. Sorry about that-

No Excuses Episode #268 - Free Range Jiggly Bits

This week is Ansem. Playstation's biggest earworms are getting rereleased on the PS4, annoy your friends in HD! Capcom does a Capcom and messes up the rererelease of MvC3 and
Nintendo sees no problem with dead pixels. Also Ari plays with large-buttocked robots, Vaul becomes a mythic raider and Fern explores the pants - free world of Conan.

No Excuses Episode #269 - I'm Melting

This week, crab people. The new Mass Effect launched and landed on the wrong side of the uncanny valley. The switch melts an SD card and everyone reports on it without checking any facts and a game gets banned in Australia for completely understandable reasons for a change. Plus Ari runs late, Fern watches a show that needs more ninjas ans Vaul's legs stop working.

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