Friday, March 3, 2017

No Excuses Double

No Excuses Episode #265 - Hector is Best Fighter

This week, Burn it to the ground. The internet explodes over the latest YouTube drama, but is it really all that big a deal? NIS does a thing and announces a bunch of stuff for western release and Nintendo announces DLC for the upcoming Zelda game. Plus the guys get sucked into the world of Fire emblem Awakening and may never emerge.

No Excuses Episode #266 - Unholy Abominations

This week, nonsense! Twitch bans a certain game from their service, though nobody can explain why. More concerns for the Switch as new details come out about memory space and the Joycon, and rough times for the new sensation For Honor. Plus Fern mashes Dragon Ball characters together, Vaul pokes at some extremely bad anime and Ari wins an internet.

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