Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Shoebox of Memories

Shoebox of Memories 

       As I open my facebook I am shown a reminder of several years ago. A picture of my son and mom at Mortons Steak House. It wasn’t much, just a picture. But it was the memories contained in that moment in time that meant so much this day. Facebook just saw it as “Hey..this day a few years ago…” Recently I lost my Mom to cancer. A three year battle, but it was well fought. I was caretaker for her and for the past 20 years she was always there helping me deal with family, divorce and work. As I attempted to clean out her room I came across a shoebox. As I opened it I was transported into a world of memories that were special to my mom. In a shoebox, a whole world was packed and I was not prepared.

      Today we think of our memories as in what facebook see it. Most young adults keep so few possessions near them of events and creations that at the time mean something small, but grow in emotional value over the years. Most young adults have facebook to remind them of people of their past and the good memories they once shared. In a world of electronics and gadgets we tend to keep less of the physical. We are only as sentimental as what we keep online. Which is really sad. In this shoebox I came across of clippings of newspapers talking about my dad, brothers and sisters. Some news articles of my aunts and uncles. Then there was some college stuff I wrote that I have no clue how my mom got ahold of. There was a get well card for my dad from my sister when he fell off the roof. Prom ticket stubs, Theater tickets stubs and a ferry crossing stub to Victoria BC. Then I found a note, one I had left for my mom when she worked with me at Carl’s Jr. She opened in the morning and I was closing management. I had left her a note giving her the rundown of the night and told her to have a good morning and I loved her. She kept it. What was nothing more than a piece of simple trash with ink on it...was the world to her. I never knew. But am thankful for finding. This was a generation of people that knew, it’s some of the smallest moments that at the time mean nothing...will create the greatest emotion in the soul.

      At the end of my trip through the memories I gather those that relate to me and set aside any that I need to send out to others so they can share in the wonderful trip I was able to take. It takes me a while but I complete my task. Not with a simple repost of a memory on facebook, but actually going to my room and opening my shoebox. Ma always told me the importance of keeping a shoebox like this. Which I have. One of the many lessons I learned from her that I took to heart. I place the items that meant so much to her, and now to me. I take a moment to look at the items I already had stored. Pictures, notes and nic nacks. A glimpse in time that I don’t need a computer telling me to remember. One day I hope my kids can take the trip and get to know me a bit more long after I have started my next adventure. In a shoebox, on a shelf, waiting to tell a story.

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