Saturday, January 21, 2017

No Excuses Delayed

Due to a power plant in remote Australia randomly exploding, Fern has no power with which to run the live show. We suspect spiders are to blame. So this week's episode of No Excuses will be podcast only. Check back tomorrow for your weekly dose of rambling nonsense.

In the meantime, check out last week's show!

No Excuses Episode #261 - Flip the Switch

This week, new console! Nintendo unveils the details on the Switch. What exactly is this goofy looking thing, what games are on it, and is it compatible with natural, human hands? Also Fern plays an old RPG and gets eaten by crabs, Vaul suffers through the latest anime offerings, and Ari dances with demons.

Need more? The good news... sorta.

Ari has at long last fulfilled the terms of his bet and produced a review for a certain visual novel. This visual novel may in fact be the worst thing ever crafted by hum or humanoid hands. You have been warned.

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