Friday, December 2, 2016

Show X - Episode 273 - Gluttony In Food and Gaming

Farwell Shepherd Book. Ron Glass, you will be missed.
Ken continues to teach our youth about how to hack the world and shows everyone how vulnerable they really are online. Wayne hosted a Thanksgiving dinner with faaaar too much food, which speaking of food, the guys then trade holiday recipes. Wayne also helped others do some computer shopping on Black Friday. For himself, Wayne is on the hunt for a new vehicle.
Ken has been playing some Choose Your Own Adventure games this week on his phone and continues to crawl around the World of Warcraft, but not efficiently. He is also watching the UK show, Black Mirror while Wayne is still recommending Westworld to everyone.
Wayne is really enjoying campaigns in video games, specifically Battlefield 1, Doom, and now Titanfall 2.
In the Geek-0-Scope, the guys talk about Planet Coaster, An update to No Man's Sky, Corgis in WoW, a potential new IP from Blizzard, The Division, and a Starcraft MMO.

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