Wednesday, December 21, 2016

No Excuses for the Holidays

 No Excuses Episode #259 - Bonus Novocaine

This week, He's baaaaaack! Hints are dropped about Generation 2 in Pokemon go along with yet another redesign of the tracking system.  Overwatch's worst hero is getting a total overhaul, Street Fighter V's story is nonsensical and those crazy censors are at it again. Plus hands on with Sun & Moon

No Excuses Episode #260 - The Year that Wasn't

This week, Happy Holidays! 2016 is nearly over so the guys take a look at the games and events of the year. Remember the shenanigans of the year including this years biggest flops,  the unexpected gems and the random silliness from all corners of the industry. Plus the mind bending new show on Netflix, the last of this season's anime and fun with sleep deprivation.

No Excuses will be on Hiatus for the Holidays. See you all next year!

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