Sunday, November 6, 2016

Indeed Podcast #172 - Robotic Karazhan Trail

Welcome all to a new Indeed Podcast.  Today we have two very special guest joining Caleb and Chris.  Inwae and Ari of the Noble Order of Bug Bear (NOoB) Guild.  Who bring us to the return to Karazhan and all their craziness.  Which they are brave enough to livestream.  Which you can find at
Calebs Twitch feed.  Weekly Roundup takes us into the first attempt to the lower levels.   We also Talk about Weird Al playing at Blizzcon 2016.  Finally The Oregon Trail play, based on the Oregon Trail game.   We are waiting for the movie.  Creepy or Cool looks at China's new all robot restaurant.  From service, to cooking and cleaning.   They are out to serve us.

Sit back, Relax and be prepared.  Its a time to see a play in Karazhan, and you are playing the lead role.

Thanks all who listen and keep us going, remember to email us with questions or comments at or find us on Facebookitunes.


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