Sunday, October 30, 2016

Indeed Podcast #171 - Walking Dead UBER Finger

Welcome back to another Indeed Podcast.  FYI....SPOILER WARNING for TWD.  If you have not seen the Season 6 premier....Then you are not a fan and who cares about spoiler warnings anyhow.   This trip you get to take with Keefe and Chris as they adventure out into the world of crazy.  Weekly Roundup finds is in the realm of Civ VI and some of the wonderful changes there are. Twitter explodes over TWD season six show and we all now need extensive therapy for it.  We also chat about upcoming Halloween costumes and saying goodbye to Earthsong and 12 years of graphic novel.   Creepy or Cool finds your finger in your ear.....and not digging for wax.

Sit back, relax and prepare to run.  Zombie Twitter bird is after you to spoil everything.  Will your insurance cover the Therapist?

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Check out CLOUD SOURCED by Keefe. Hit the big 200. Book one Complete. Also a new season will soon be here.

Also: for you Ark Survival players.  Check out the INDEED PVP server now live.

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