Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Indeed Podcast #166 – Podcasting _Paradise

Today we get the ball rolling for summer, and as you lay yourself on the beach for that most excellent tan, here is some amazing podcast that you need to check out.

Your Creative Push 
When it comes to your creative side, they help give it that additional "push" so you ain't so lazy. 

No Guitar is Safe 
Wonder what the rocker life was really about. Try this podcast out where the jam session comes to your ears.

(Extra History) 
Where was this growing up? History told to you in a new and inventive way. *supported by Indeed Podcast*

Toon Cast Beyond
A Podcast revisiting the Cartoons of the 70,80,90 and 2000’s

 Honorable Mentions:
Decoder Ring Theater
Stuff you missed in History Class
Stuff you should know
Astronomy Cast
Radiolab Dallas
Church Podcast & Eagle Christian Church Sermons


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