Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Show X - Episode 254 - A Wild Wasik Appears

Happy Birthday to Cupcheck and Lt Fork.
Show X is joined by our Author friend Jon Wasik to talk geek and his new book, Burning Skies. Having an author in the house, Ken starts things out with a list of some of the latest words to join the Oxford Dictionary, for all of you Grrrls, wearing Jeggings, while OMG sexting your Noob, Muggle, bromancing, Illiterati, boyfriends, wearing their Mankini's and Guyliner, while Chillaxing after getting away from the Po-po, but Whatevs.
Wayne is going to try and support his ex family in New Mexico and will miss the next show... To make this trek he has been working on his truck to keep the old girl going. He also enjoyed a long ninja day with training and friends.
Tromad hits up the show with an email to announce the launch of his new podcast, TroTalk which will be joining the VtW family in the next couple weeks.
Ken has been busy with work lately, but managed to get in some gaming on Payday 2.
Wayne has gotten his anime on again with the series Magi, while Ken calls him out for gaining many hours of Clicker Heroes, the game he said to never play.
The guys also catch everyone up on what happened with Awesome Games Done Quickly over the last week.
Wayne has also succumbed to the launch of Pokemon GO from Niantic and Nintendo. He is in good company with apparently most of the rest of the world.
Show X finishes out with Jon telling us all a bit about Burning Skies and how this book progresses on from the introductory book, The Sword of Dragons.

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