Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Show X - Episode 252 - E3, Comic Con, and VR

Wayne is going solo today to try and catch up for the last couple weeks.
Happy birthday to Kur0, Wayne's Mom, and Kopii Mom!
Wayne helped prep for Denver Comic Con by getting props and wigs for friends together while also trying to get his own costumes together. He shows off pictures that he took during the convention while talking about the fun he had. Lots of great costumes, lots of dealers, lots of friends. Wayne fell into his normal trap of hanging out with friends and not actually going to panels.
Wayne continues to play with his Oculus and experience VR. This time he has added the use of his Leap Motion, hand tracker. This allowed him to drop his controller and just play some games with his hands.
This week has been the start of the Steam Summer sale and there are some great sales out there to take advantage of. Check them out.
Wayne does his best to remember all of the major announcements from E3 2016. He doesn't quite catch everything but grabs some highlights.

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