Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Show X - Episode 250 - Ken's Movie of Warcraft Review

Show X's 250th episode. Wayne is fresh back from his trip to Canada and Ken is recovering from a drunken Tankfest celebration. Tankfest consisted of live bands, lots of meat, and a knock off of terrible liqour. He even managed to only annoy neighbors over a block away from the party.
Wayne spent a week in Canada at Anime North and with Kopii in the Niagra region. He shared with his SnapChat followers all of his adventures of high humidity, Niagra Falls, bagged milk, and Anime North. The Concours de Elegance car show also happened today and Wayne just barely made it back from the shiny cars in time to start the show. He and Fork are also prepping to head to see The Cure in concert after the show.
Ken had the special opportunity to see the new Warcraft movie a week before most of the rest of the world. He watched the movie in 3d IMAX. Overall, if you are a fan of Warcraft, then you will likely enjoy this movie. If you are not, you may be a bit confused.
Ken and Hando have been trying to enjoy their time in The Forrest. Unfortunately they can't build a safe structure. This drove them to killing orcs in Orcs Must Die. Ken tried to play Playstation 2 games on his phone... but failed. At least he experienced a lot of throwback fun by revisiting games from his youth, especially Future Cop LAPD.
Wayne played a little League of Legends and Kerbal Space Program while on vacation, then as soon as he got home, he played Doom.
In the Geek-O-Scope, the guys talk about Overwatch Porn, lots of gaming sales, technology to communicate easier, finding your League of Legends matches and Halo 5 free on the PC.

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