Sunday, May 22, 2016

Show X - Episode 248 - Stressing a Car and Stressing a Ken

Wayne had a mini family reunion back in Nebraska when he went to help take photos of a middle school state track meet. He stress tested his Miata for this trip and it kind of survived. Wayne also went all Tim the tool man Taylor and ordered a new garbage disposal to replace the one that broke in his house.
Ken is stressing out trying to produce some results for his program at school. Kitten Features decided to help him out by getting him a distraction in the form of a Ukelele. Ken and Kitten Features are getting ready to host a party for Tank's birthday, so Ken made sure to avoid pissing of the witch next door.
In Geek Cred, the guys try to decide if Big Bang Theory is actually a geek show. Ken Screams for a red head, there is a singing Bear, and no spoilers for Game of Thrones. In gaming, Ken provides a nice Lifeline, strolls through a Forrest with Hando, attempts to built something in Space.
Wayne has had the opportunity to witness a Civil War, be in a Legendary League, and experiences a shiny Doom.
In the Geek-O-Scope, there will be a new Civilization, more Witcher fun, a warning about Windows 10, and a way to experience the World of Warcraft through your stomach.

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