Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Show X - Episode 247 - Happy Mother's Day, Wayne is Old

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers in the world.
Ken didn't anger any old people this week, instead he helped save one.
Wayne celebrated Mother's Day with his parents and threw a bit of a party to help celebrate himself turning 40 years old. His guests got to enjoy a Beach themed blow out, complete with food, drink, games, and even a live DJ. Many drinks were consumed, many games played, and several songs drunkenly sung... Wayne received many great gifts, the best being all of the people the came and helped him celebrate falling over the hill.
Ken is preparing to throw a happy Tank day to celebrate the year he and Kitten have had their doge, Tank.
Ken only seems to find Rule 34 items when searching online lately...
Pusser's ponies have seen battle thanks to AgriassSW.
Ken also shares a song about his Kitten.
We also learn that he has very little tolerance for getting stuck in a game as he rage quit Pokemon and almost played some Lifeline 2 and Rayman except that he fears in app purchases.
Wayne went and watched that new furry movie that Ken is afraid of, Zootopia.
In the Geek-O-Scope, Windows 10 won't be free for much longer, there is a new Call of Duty and Battlefield on the horizon as well as the new graphics cards to play them.

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