Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Show X - Episode 246 - A Wild Tehray appears

Wayne appologizes for not having his levels sorted out for this show, so he is all selfish by being a normal level, Ken is kept all quite, and Tehray gets all of the love. Show X is joined by the lovely miss Tehray today as we are introduced to her Cosplay, Geekiness, Gaming and Podcaster cred. She walks us through how she got into Cosplaying and modeling. We get to learn about the specifics of how Tehray cosplays and the characters that she gets into. She tells us about her first console game system and the games that she is currently playing. We get into a discussion about the loves and disagreements between the DC and Marvel comic worlds. We also get to learn about Tehray's current cosplay, modeling, and podcasting adventures. Tehray and Wayne also work together to try to figure out how to bring Ken into the Cosplay world. Tehray also introduces us to a bit of the darker side of her interests.
Wayne still takes a moment to update everyone on his 3d printing and his own cosplay efforts. Ken makes sure that we don't miss our Geek-O-Scope time with some news about

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