Monday, May 2, 2016

No Excuses Episodes!

 No Excuses #225 - Shut Down by the Man

This week, Nostalgia! The internet is in an utter rage - again - as Blizzard shuts down a popular private server. So should Nostalrius have been allowed to keep running and just what was so great about vanilla anyway? Also card rotations in an online game, Ruining things for the future and guns, guns, guns!

No Excuses Special # 16 Vaul's Anime Reviews

Another season gone, which means it's anime time! Join Vaulisel as he takes a peek at the upcoming anime for the Spring 2016 Season. Discover talking, sarcastic motorcycles, a guy with massive style, beautifully animated zombies and Moe girls receiving the gift of human dickishness. Also, Fern takes another crack at it with a well known lawyer.

No Excuses #226 - Doldrums

This week, gaps. A release date for Legion has been announced and it's way too late. The epic team of Romero, Carmak and Romero's Hair reunite to bring us a new game... kickstarter. Also, fun with Fallout 4 mods, The 90's, anime and free cards!

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