Wednesday, May 18, 2016

No Excuses Showcase!

 No Excuses #227 - Wrong Side of History

This week, spite! A once in a lifetime opportunity is cancelled to cater to one person's principles, the internet rages. Nintendo announces the release date for the NX, but seems to have forgotten something important. Also Poking Mons in the real world, Blizzard can numbers good and card games on squidthings.

No Excuses #228 - Mixed Metaphors

This week, Paddles! Everyone tuned in to see the new Call of Duty trailer, what we got was something else entirely. Other trailers this week include Battlefield circa World war One and Dawn of War 3 with SPESS MAHREENS! Also Fern tries his hand at Hearthstone, Ari tries Magic and Vaul offends everyone.

No Excuses #229 - Capcom Obvious

This week, a terrible pun title. Capcom admits Street Fighter 5 may have needed a bit more polish, then go on to discover that water is wet. Plus Nintendo beats the leaks for a change and reveals a bunch of stuff for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Hands on with Black Desert Online, Some positive stuff from Legion and Fern and Ari discover and actually good mobile game.

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