Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New No Excuses!

No Excuses Episode #222 - Needs More Bruce Campbell

 This week, /hug. Street Fighter V hits the street and a perfect example of what not to do with a fighting game, we get our first look at how Pokemon Go will work,.Plus Day of the Tentacle remastered, anime shenanigans and the death of the WoW community.

No Excuses - Episode 223 - Weirdness Online

This week, Rants! Nintendo is in the spotlight for sacking a controversial member of their PR team, so who is in the right? April fools rolls around again to everyone's dismay. Plus gaming in Antarctica, Anno in space, Hearthstone approaching meme critical mass and just what the heck is Miitomo anyway?

No Excuses #224 - The Butt

This week, Internet rage! There is a new expansion for the original Baldur's Gate, Hooray! It's filled with ham-fisted diversity and jabs at Gamergate, boo. Blizzard didn't cave on Overwatch Tracer's victory pose after all and Capcom realises the blindingly obvious. Plus Hyrule Warriors - More, The upcoming Homestuck Finale and a peak at the Spring anime season

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