Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Show X - Episode 239 - The Challenges of Time Travel

Ken and Wayne are back with only a few minor technical issues this week. Daylight savings time for the US this week, so the show is an hour earlier for everyone outside of the States. Ken is quite against the countries and states that don't go along with changing their clocks for Daylight Savings time. Also a Happy early Pi day. Ken is going to cover a rally in Scotland about United States presidential candidates. Wayne's computer continues to overload itself, showing its age and causing hiccups in the audio stream.
Wayne is trying to do a solid by helping out a family memeber and house a dog in his non dog friendly house. He has not had a very fun time of it as the dog has shown its discomfort at his new surroundings by barking almost continuously for several days. This sparks a bit of back and forth in the IRC of the classic cats versus dogs.
Pawz writes into the show to share how his new Kindle was forcibly updated to remove the jailbreak he did to change his screen saver. This leads the guys to discuss personal rights of ownership of a device versus a company's desire to control how people use the devices they sell.
Agriassw asks the show for advice on technology to help him get fit as he has started exercising and wants to keep it up. The guys recommend several different fitness devices, but also ask everyone out there for their opinions on what technology they would suggest.
Wayne gives his free suggestion to all table top game makers about how to build a great application for your smart device that would make table top gaming more about playing and less about reading rules.
Ken lets us know about the movie, The Lobster...
VtW has been playing some Black Desert.

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