Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Show X - Episode 235 - Ken's Overused USBs

Ken's Microphone and Camera both start fighting over which gets to use the USB on his computer throughout this episode. The guys marvel over what it is like to interact with really intelligent people. Ken keeps getting stopped at airports.
Ken is still out playing World of Warcraft and in enjoying the nostalgia of the game, Wayne and Ken talk about different items they have earned in games that are no longer available like mounts and skins. They also start talking about old collectables and the things they have kept around from their childhood. What do you collect or have you held on to that may actually be worth some money now?
Wayne isn't a collector so much as a hoarder that wants to keep everything he has ever bought to share his geekdom with his future children.
Wayne's geek cred has him watching The Last Witch Hunter, Spectre, and finishing up The Expanse.
Wayne is looking forward to an anime convention this weekend to talk to the voice of Vegeta and pretty much everything else Dragonball Z.

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