Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show X - Episode 234 - A Broken Gamefest Show

Wayne hosts another Gamefest for all of his friends, but he breaks the show while running it. Ken is very patient as Wayne tries to fix everything live on the show. First he keeps everyone from listening to himself, then he forsakes the video watchers with their audio. Finally after about 20 minutes he gets everything together and they start a show. Ken and Wayne are joined by El Camp-0, La Camp-Et, Jon Wasik, and Kur0 to discuss what they did at Gamefest.
Ken is back to WoW yet again, he has been travelling so he can't spend time to play real games. He did manage to go watch the new Tarantino film, Hateful 8, which he highly recommends.
Gamefest does its usually damage to everyone with no real sleep available, limited nutrition, and lots of alcoholic consumption. Especially Da Biebs... Who's youthful exuberance got him completely blitz to the point of speaking in tongues. Lt Fork continues to confuse the guys with how she is able to play FPS games so successfully with a controller instead of the keyboard and mouse.
Games that were played this Fest included Rainbow Six: Siege, League of Legends, Supreme Commander 2, Star Citizen, Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha, and Diablo 3.
They also had the chance to play a lot of the beta for Tom Clancy's the Division. All of the group really enjoyed their time with it. They were impressed with the hybrid 3rd person shooter feel, the adventure, missions, and overall story. The audio and visuals are fresh and add a lot to the immersion of the experience. It looks like a game that everyone at Gamefest will likely be purchasing.
La Camp-Et also got to play some games older than her back at the Grampa Camp-0's house. She played the original Zelda and Kid Icarus which led us all down a path of nostalgia for gaming.

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