Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Show X - Episode 230 - Happy Solo New Year

Happy 2016 from Show X. Wayne is going solo today to let Ken celebrate his anniversary with Kitten Features, while Wayne is avoiding the Denver weather by hanging out in California with his family for the New Year's. Wayne is prepping for his upcoming trip to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by talking about what he expects to see at the convention and asking everyone what they would like to see him cover. He is currently going to make sure and see all of the new Televisions in the main hall, all of the 3d printing technology and gaming peripherals. He would also like to find all of the new gaming peripherals that are being annouced at CES.
Wayne figures out the hard way that you should really use 100% infill when printing toys for his nephews... Many repairs were needed. He also shares new PC games with his Nephews and educates his brother on the ways of Twitch and League of Legends.
Since he is on the road he also has installed a few games that don't require internet to play like Undertale.
Thanks to Serathis for reminding us all about all of the great Mods that came out in 2015 for PC games.
Wayne finishes up by catching up with some of the news from the end of hte last year.

Happy Birthday Jessica and Beth

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