Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Indeed Post-it : Videos to Educate

Holy Crapola.  It’s 2016.  Figure I would get the year off to a good start and get a Hump Day Post-It going for everyone.     Today we look at Technology and Education.

There are a few vidocast that I have come to really enjoy and the importance of them is sometimes missed to most folk.   In today’s technology based world we can find all sorts of videos to help you in any number of subjects.  It is pretty incredible on what people can do on Youtube, but there are a lot of things someone can learn.  Now I know there are several, but I am going to focus on two of them.  

The first one is Crash Course.  Now this one is several different Video Cast under this banner.  You have Economics, Astronomy, US Government, Anatomy, World History, Big History, Psychology, and Chemistry.  If you think this sounds like a school class line up, you are kinda correct.  The was started back on December 2011 and grown to over three million subscribers.  This was a small project focused in bringing World History in a very unique way to people seeking knowledge.   That quickly grew to more than a dozen topics with unique hosts. In 2014 they joined with Subbable who soon were  acquired by Patreon.  There the show saw a surge of supporters that thrived for their content.  In late 2014 they announce a partnership with PBS Digital Studios and the show started to provide content to students.  Hank Green (co-founder) stated, "We ascribe to the idealistic notion that audiences don't pay for things because they have to but because they care about the stuff that they love and want it to continue to grow"  The quality and reputation of Crash Course continues to improve on every post.  

The next show is one that had roots already established in Video Cast lime light.  Extra Credits, which saw their beginning with The Escapist, then with Penny Arcade TV which produced outstanding shows that focused on the different aspects of video games. In 2014 Extra Credits went solo on Youtube.  But during that stint they were contacted by The Creative Assembly to produce a 5 episode sting about Second Punic Wars.  Thus Extra History was born.  This became an instant hit and they now have produced several other videos covering the first World War to major events in the world of health.  Even some forgotten heroes that gave their all for mankind.  The quality and scale of the production is incredible while also being on Patreon, this has allowed the viewers to help guide them to the next episode by allowing a voting system on the next topic.  This is a show that Indeed Podcast supports monthly.

Both of these shows have something in common.  They create to serve the public.  Allowing the viewers to support such great works has allowed a tool for so many to use and experience.  It’s productions like these that need your support to continue.   This is what the Internet is for.  The sharing of ideas and content.  Makes me have hope for humanity after-all.

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