Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Indeed Post-It - Holiday Helpers

Well, been a while.  I know.  But with Christmas and everything, I figure it was a good time to get a Post-it up.   So here I am.  Now what…..great.   ahhh   try this.
     This past year Indeed Podcast has helped out a few Kickstarters that proven to be real winners.  From Exploding Kittens, to the new Doubleclicks album.  Also we contribute to great Patreon patrons who continue to provide the world with amazing content such as Star Power, Earthsong, NPC, and Extra History.   Not only Indeed Podcast, but the VtW productions community as well.  Those who continue to share memories and gaming because of the passion they have for the very idea.  Both Show X and No Excuses continue to provide entertainment that they are proud to create.  Not to mention without government regulation overhead all the time.  This content allows us to provide to you different perspectives on topics that you may find interesting, and allow you to send comments and you thoughts on the very subject. 
                That’s where you come in.   Friends and Family have the tools to express their art, talents and hobbies like no other time in history and do it because it is something they love.   Whether it is just a hobby or something greater they want to make of it.  Sometime we rely on those around us to help along by just saying that’s a good idea or great job.  Too many times you may just go on through your day without a second glance. Where just that fraction of time you could have said kind words which could make someones day.   We support each other.  A social environment that helps each grows to become better.  So this next year try that.  Share art someone created, or music someone composed.  It makes a difference to them. It's that touch of support that makes it better for the creator.   I know we can't solve the worlds problems, but we can help local folk who we call friends.

                I want to wish everyone at VtW Productions a very Merry Christmas.  Also to the crew of Indeed Podcast.  I know you continue to support, even at time you do not feel like it.  That is OK.  But the greatest thing about it is the fact we have done what we did.   We can always listen back to the great times that were created.  The sound, the adventure and the laughter.  We have taken that step and one day someone down the genetic tree will listen and hear us and know that is family.  

Immortality is what we leave behind.  To be a part if it allows you to be there too. 

Merry Christmas
Chris of Indeed Podcast

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