Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Show X - Episode 223 - Tenerife for Sun, Black Ops 3 for guns

Ken is just back from vacation this week, where he tried to fight some unfortunate old people for not queuing correctly. He and Kitten still manage to have a good time on vacation, soaking in the sun and fun, with all the drinks they could hope to have. While on vacation, Ken went to the water park, slid down a massive slide and went deff, while Kitten decided to eat a cactus and prick all of her insides. Wayne is having to clean up after the holidays now so he has only been geeky this week. Ken has finished Fallout Shelter, skinned Civ 5, and has been zombie hunting in Killing Floor 2 with Kur0. Wayne takes MikeMike and La Camp-et to a small little convention, Rocky
Mountain Con. Wayne realizes again that he doesn't know how to fan girl over famous people, but got to have Katrina Law play with the Frocean. Wayne played some Disney Infinity 3, the My Little Pony mobile app, Guild Wars 2, and the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. At Cupcheck's request, the guys talk about the bigger announcements from Blizzcon 2015 over the weekend.

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