Sunday, November 8, 2015

No Excuses Post Pax Pileup

No Excuses Episode #103  - Vaul Alone

This Week, Solo! Vaul goes it alone is the first solo excuses ever, with a load of bite-sized news. Discover a new poke-moba, learn the origins of Halloween, the latest from Konami and a lukewarm reception to Halo 5.

No Excuses Episode #104 - Blurzkern

This Week, yaaaaaaaay. Blizzard puts on their annual peacock party and shows us what they've been working on in the past year. Overwatch gets a release date and price, Diablo 3 gets some new dungeons, Hearthstone goes exploring and Legion drops a few new interesting tidbits of info. Also, the latest on the current anime, Fun with a wonderfully pointless game and a visual novel with a rather unfortunate name.

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