Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Show X - Episode 220 - Are games the only true place for Equality?

Wayne is still hanging out in the basement this week and Ken is sinking into his new couch. Ken talks about what it means to be a student in his classes. We wish a fond farewell to Kitten Feature's family bunny, Jackson, who has passed. Wayne gets his car all legal after breaking into it. Somehow Wayne and Ken go from discussing the new car Ken wants to buy to Equality in gaming and the world. Are men and women more likely to play certain games or roles than each other? After the break, the guys chill out a bit and start talking games, well, screen savers, specifically Clicker Heroes. Ken is really enjoying Metal Gear Solid V as his first MGS game. Wayne went out crawling about with zombies and played some Rocket League with groups of VtWers.

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